Thursday, January 19, 2006

I suppose this is my only chance to make a good impression here. I hope I don't flub it too badly. I'm the newest member of The Book Report. I've had posting access for a good few minutes now, and I must say I couldn't be more pleased.

I had a typical bookwormy childhood - always getting in trouble for doing innocent things like reading during math class. The tone of my future relationship with books was set when I composed my very first poem when I was in Grade 2:

Reading is fun
Reading is neat
If you don't read
Your mind's not complete

Books are here
Books are there
It seems that books
Are everywhere

After this masterwork was read over the school announcement system, I was a minor celebrity for an hour or two. Then the teasing began. Fortunately, this teasing forced me away from a life of popularity and back to the printed page. The next 15 years progressed from that poetic moment, and now here we are.

To prove that I have the potential to be useful here, I will now direct you all to LibraryThing, a wonderful way to keep track of your collection and attract book groupies. My personal catalog can be found here.

And now I'm off to read something so I can post an actual review! Unfortunately, I'll probably be reading a cookbook before anything else - it's time to start dinner.


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